Purchase hookah online in Canada at affordable rates.  Attractive discounts and deals for hookah for sale in Canada. Hookah for sale in Canada at My Hookah are imported from Egypt, Middle East, China and other parts. Some of the best hookah and accessories available at My Hookah include:

Egyptian hookah – Presenting the Real Taste of Hookah Dragging from Egypt

Mega Egyptian Hookah II, Khalil Maamoun Mini Hookah, Egyptian Ice Star, Mini GOZA, Goza III, Goza II, Golden Pillar Hookah, Silver Pillar, Fattouta, Egyptian Brass Pillar, etc are names a few that are hot favourite hookahs 2014 available at MyHookah.

Chinese hookah – Drag the Best Hookah with Amazing Flavours

Babylon Tower Pumpkin Hookah, Artistic Pumpkin Hookah, Classic Pumpkin Hookah, Double Pearl, Artisan 80, YA 4003, MA 8168, N7001, MS4801, MS4802, MS4807, MS4816, are different models of Chinese hookah available at My Hookah.

MYA hookah – Choose the Best One

Mya Petite, Mya Tank In Cage, Mini Mya Acrylic, QT Classic, Econo-Gelato, Mikro Mya Classic, etc are sure to add more zing in your hookah dragging experience.

Glass hookah – Simply beautiful

Taking the tradition to the next level, glass hookahs provide a cleaner and more pure smoke. They are also very elegant and fun to smoke from. We have few sizes to choose from.

Oriental hookah – The Real Majestic Piece

Zannoubia, Artisan 70, Artisan 80 are the latest artisan hookah. Zannoubia is a majestic piece of art. Museum quality. Hand painted and crafted. Made in limited quantity. Only 5 in stocks. Hurry and decorate your living room with one of the best looking hookah on the market. We will provide more detail pictures on request

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