Starlight Charcoal carries a large variety of natural, chemical free environmental friendly charcoal.Our products come in a variety of format and are generally used for either incense burning in spiritual and religious ceremonies or for smoking the water pipe, also known as Hookah, Argileh or Shisha. We also carry BBQ Charcoal which can be used for your personal use, picnics, restaurants, etc

Hookah (Shisha) charcoal is the most important part of hookah smoking. The charcoal is what heats the tobacco to the optimum temperature. The coals are lit and placed on top of foil covering the tobacco bowl. The charcoal can be classified as instant light or slow burning. The coal should be burned all the way around so when you blow on the coal, a red glow covers the entire piece. Ensure that hot amber does not fall into the shisha as it may result in inhalation of ash through the hookah. Charcoal is available in various forms like chips and tablets of different sizes.

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